Living Without Limbs...How Is That Possible?

Inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic shares his experiences from being bullied. His experiences with bullies left him feeling intimidated, depressed, anxious and sick to his stomach.

If you knew his personal story, you'll remember that most grade school days ended with tears and on one occasion led him to a failed suicide attempt. He didn't tell his parents when his was picked on because he didn't want to upset them. He thought he could handle it himself, but he was wrong. He should have told them.

As he travels the world talking to tens of thousands of young people, telling them that no one is immune from being bullied. Watch this video to see how he dealt with the experience.

Have you ever inadvertently said or done something that hurt someone else? Did you ever purposefully say or do something to hurt someone? Or, did you ever intentionally become aggressive for no reason, and kept repeating your behavior over time?

Sticks, and stones, and words hurt.  So does physical aggression, relational aggression like social exclusion, shunning, hazing, and rumor spreading, and also cyber-bullying.  All of this might occur on the school yard, in a work office, and even in your relationship.

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