The Ugly Truth About Finding The Love Of Your Life...

Desperate to meet the man of her dreams, Ava tries a last ditch effort... speed dating. But when the absurd cast of characters arrive, she begins to wonder if being single is not so bad after all.  This video presents a realistic scenario that single people encounter when they start to date.  

Are you thoughtful?  Are you present? Are you balanced? We might know what qualities we are looking for in a potential partner, and we'll know whether it's the right person for us when we meet them.  What Ava experiences in this video are common red flags to watch out for on your dating adventures.

You can learn how to approach someone with confidence and skill, or discern which candidate is right for you. Should you phone, email, or text?  Confidence is an important trait that both men and women look for in a potential partner.  

There are workshops, and books, and programs all about pick-up lines but it literally comes down to being authentic. Unfortunately, pick up lines just don't work. You just have to learn to read the signals.

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