Body Parts Gone Unusual and Strange...

Introducing 5 incredible people with extra body parts.
Whether bodies are giving life, sweating, or just existing, there are interesting intricacies about the human body that fascinate.  Even more interesting and intriguing are unusual and strange body parts.   

Take these 5 people cases on this video that defy usual nature with extra body parts.  This video will make you stop to think because these human cases are beyond the norm.     

Strange body parts that you didn't think could exist actually exist.  Do you have any unusual, or extra body parts?
Though the human body has evolved over many thousands of years, we still have unusual cases that defy human understanding.  It's not common to find weird, strange oddities like an extra toe, or a female growing long facial beard, or someone having the smallest waist.

Have you noticed any unusual changes in your your own body? When you started a relationship did you notice some truly fascinating chemical reactions which occurred throughout your nervous system and hormones like from the first time you meet your partner to climbing under the sheets.

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