This BBC Broadcast Went Horribly Wrong In An Amazing Way?...

Robert Kelly has been interviewed by a number of media outlets on his academic focus, Korean politics, as a political science professor at Pusan National University.  But his latest appearance featured two unexpected co-stars; his two adorable children, who found their way into his home office during a live interview on with the BBC.  

Whether you call it telecommuting, remote work, mobile work or distributed work, these flexible-work arrangements are here to stay.  Remote work has dominated the wish list for professionals seeking better work-life balance.  But there is a price to pay when working out of our home as the video shows.  

Because of advances in technology it is easier to stay connected to the office from wherever and whenever.  If you work on a computer and a phone all day long, do you really have to go somewhere else if you can do it at home?  

There are significant cost savings to businesses but not easy for the teleworker who can't separate his work from his family responsibilities as the video demonstrates in a humorous fashion. 

The standard eight-hour workday will be obsolete and more people expect to work remotely instead of commute to an office every day.  Sometimes it's difficult to have balance between work and home.  If you're trying to figure out the advantages and shortcomings of a flexible work arrangement then consider the flexibility and quality it would add to your life.

Flexible work has become a standard way of working.  You need to figure out what makes the most sense for you. The range of possibilities do exist with part-time, flextime, telecommuting, job-sharing, and compressed work weeks. Freelance opportunities are also growing.  It all depends on you and how you want to balance work and home.

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