Is Robot Technology Taking Over?...

More jobs will be replaced with machines and robotic technology in the coming years.  Artificial Intelligence is definitely here to stay and will take over many aspects of our work and personal life.  

Artificial Intelligence is progressing faster than we can comprehend.  The technology featured in this video is just the tip of the iceberg.  According to this video, things are about to get real bad, real fast. Take a look at Sophia in this video and what it is capable of doing.  

Even our romantic life can be assisted with robots.  Will robots assist or take over our life?  This video is a must watch of what we will increasingly face... 

Lonely?  Having difficulty finding a partner, or staying in a relationship?  Stand back because Artificial Intelligence will create robots where you can converse with a robotic sex companion.  In the future, you will not have to drive a car, walk with the assistance of a robotic limb, defend your house, function with robotic nanobots and robotic parts inside of us, or listen to music created by a machine.  Some humans will use robots for good, and others for bad.

Some worry that robots will replace human workers.  But then, if we welcome science and technology and appreciate what it can do for us humans, then we can reap its future benefits as long as it is used correctly.  Robots will give humans more time to spend more time with loved ones, family, and friends.

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