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Success and how to achieve it in life is a constant quest. Indian Yogi Mystic, Saddhguru Jaggi Vasudev discusses top 10 rules for success.  How can you live life fully when you don't know how life works?  This video is a must watch no matter where and who you are in life to understand what is explained in simple terms and with humor.   

It all makes sense when you listen to what Saddhguru has to share.  What holds you back from success in your life?  

It doesn't matter whether you have a fear of pursuing your dreams, whether it's fear of committing to a relationship, whether it is your fear of public speaking, or even what others might think of you because it's not really actual fear that's holding you back.  Yes, it's your memories and imagination holding you back from success.  The fear stories you continually program your mind to believe is what holds you back.  What horror stories do you allow yourself to believe?  Every time you tell yourself to fear you are preventing yourself from happiness and success. Your fears are stealing your happiness, disturbing your peace of mind, and preventing you from unleashing your potential in the world.  

Live a more satisfying life by stopping any stagnating thoughts you continually feed yourself.  To succeed in life focus on your goals, and imagine and visualize yourself being successful.  Success is achievable, and it's all up to you.

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