She Talks To Thousands On Her Radio Show.  What She Found Will Change Your Life?...

Motivational speaker and radio show host, Mel Robbins drills through the mental clutter that stands between people and what they want. Five days a week, she hosts her own syndicated radio show discussing hot topics and giving advice across America.  

Why do people get stuck or dissatisfied in life?  We take a risk when we get outside of our comfort zone.  We do the same things in the same old way because it's comfortable.  Watch this video to learn some things to do to break out of your comfort zone to create something more positive in your life.  


Getting our of your routine takes work but it can also make you anxious and nervous just thinking about it.  Your comfort zone is a behavioral space where your behaviors are routine and a pattern that minimizes stress and risk.  What do you really get when you try new things and step outside your comfort zone?  

Comfort kills productivity.  Pushing your personal boundaries can make you more productive so you can get more things done.  Learning to step outside your comfort zone when you want can prepare you for life changes. Either you change or change takes over you.  So you can experience some of that uncertainty in a controlled and manageable way by challenging yourself to what you would normally avoid doing. So if you want an easier time dealing with new and unexpected changes, you need to learn how to push your boundaries.  Try new things to challenge how you think which will influence how you behave.  

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