How Ready Is Your House Against A Zombie Attack?    

So, we’ve been waiting for it for decades now. We’ve watched all the movies and TV shows we could get our hands on, read all the books and played the related levels in video games – we’ve even seen what would happen if the plants rose up to fight the zombies.

Yes, of course we are talking about the Zombie Apocalypse. All over the world, doomsday preparers have their escape plans ready, fuel and food stockpiled and contact information updated. Sure, you may be the type to laugh at all this because, let’s face it, there probably will never be a zombie apocalypse, right? You never know, but when a ghoul’s chomping down on your brains don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What if your plan involves sitting tight and riding out the wave of the undead? Not a problem. A quick look around the real-estate listings shows that there are a ton of places that are either purpose-built to be zombie proof or are just plain fortress-like to begin with. Of course, having a zombie-proof home often requires a fair bit of cash. After all, moats, draw-bridges, concrete walls and underground bunkers can all add up on the credit card bill pretty fast.

These following zombie proof homes are all pretty pricey and we’re thinking only the richest doomsday prepper will be able to afford both the purchase price and likely upkeep costs associated with keeping the defenses ready. Sure there are cheaper alternatives – but would you really want to be trapped in a standard bungalow when a swarm of rotting corpses comes for you? Didn’t think so.

Fear the walking dead?   How can you make your house and relationship ghoul proof? 

Are you being a ghoul inside your house?  How is your partner treating you?  Is you partner treating you like an unfeeling and unthinking creature?  How well do you communicate with your partner?  

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