Small Spaces Just Got Elevated.

Amazing Tiny House with open feel and elevator, and there you have it...everything transforms! Bed on DIY electric lift! Our favorite tiny house yet!  Watch all the things you can achieve to maximize your small space.    

More people are living in small spaces which means spending a lot of time together.  No matter how fun it can be there's a good chance of driving each other crazy.  It can't be too healthy.  There'll be times when you need to be alone, or away from each other. Having sufficient storage space is also important.  

Do you feel "crowded" in your relationship?  How much space should you really need?  That depends on the type of relationship you have.  Too much togetherness can activate feelings of being crowded, trapped.  Small spaces with an elevator bed might be one idea.

You need to be ready to downsize dramatically.  No matter where you live you can't stay in your small space every waking minute.  But, you will need some help figuring out how to share your small space without ruining your relationship.

A bad relationship will make you feel more alone even if the person is in the same room with you. 

Receive 20 minutes of advice to make a tiny move to the positive in your relationship.

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Do You Know how To Share Space With Your Partner?

How to get along
without feeling crowded.  

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