50 People, 1 Question: Sad What Adults Say...  

It’s It’s easy to feel insecure about our appearance. Whether it’s being bullied when we were younger, or seeing the “perfection” in beauty magazines, we often feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

50 people were asked, “What’s the one thing would you change about your body?”

Stretch marks, big ears, foreheads — these are all things some adults want to change. But kids… well, they have different answers at 2:05…

You've heard the statement, "just be yourself" which makes you wonder what exactly does that mean.  Our true self is who we really are without any masks or pretenses.  When we're small children we care little how other people think of us.  We are happy and in the moment.  But when we become adults, we're socialized into fitting in society and in that process deny our true natures.  

When was the last time you were silly dancing in your front yard for all to see, or skipped on the street while shopping? We suppress our true nature to fit in and be accepted and liked.  Want to address your inhibitions?  Want to examine why you give so much importance what other people think of you?  Do you lack self-confidence?

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