Don't Have Your Clients Un-Subscribing!

Everybody knows there’s Gold in your client base… and we also know that your competition is marketing to your clients too. Whether it’s through TV, newspaper, radio, direct mail, Groupon, and the list goes on.

If you want to increase the lifetime value of your clients, and not lose them to your competitors then you absolutely must keep in contact with your list on a regular basis, and build a strong relationship. Otherwise... you will have a depreciating asset!

Let’s face facts, everyone is connected to the internet and receives email communication. In fact email is now the number one way we chose to communicate with each other.

If you send a personal email that is Informative, relevant, and fun you will get more appointments and more referrals. That’s just a tested and proven fact!

Successful email marketing is a must. Here are a few email marketing rules for success:

  • Your subject line is the most important part of your email.
  • Tell a story that you can tie into your products or services.
  • You should send emails in both HTML and text format.
  • Check your email content through a spam checker to make sure it gets delivered.
  • Don’t sell all the time, every once and awhile have a fun contest, giveaway some tickets to a show, or maybe a gift. This is powerful because it will get more of your emails opened.
  • Formatting is critical to your success so don’t have more than 16 words to a line and 6 lines to a paragraph. This makes for easier reading.
  • Use an email marketing company to send your emails

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