Marketing Plan

We are experts in creating comprehensive, integrated and coordinated online & offline marketing plans.

We provide consulting advice on marketing, advertising, and business growth.

Tell us what your goals and needs are.

We identify areas of opportunity, then create a detailed, multi-channel marketing plan that provides specific advice on exactly what to do
to maximize your sales and profits.

Here are some of the areas we are experts in for online & offline marketing: 

  • Product/service offerings
  • Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s)
  • Packaging, bundling, creation of irresistible offers
  • Info business specific strategies and funnel creation
  • Business and marketing strategies
  • New Customer acquisition strategies
  • Customer reactivation strategies
  • Customer Referral strategies
  • Joint Venture strategies
  • Create testing strategies and analysis
  • Sales tactics and methods
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations strategies
  • Live events/group selling
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Pay-per-impression advertising
  • Retargetingd strategies

We help you:

  • Build your lists of buyers/prospects faster.
  • Create more products faster as the time you would spend on marketing can be converted into time developing new products and new markets.
  • Get more new customers to buy faster.
  • Increase your average revenue per customer.
  • Increase your average number of transactions per customer.
  • Systematically convert non-buyers into repeat buying customers.
  • Increase continuity revenue.
  • Increase the Lifetime Value Of A Customer. (LVC)

We will create your plan and assist you in making good decisions. 

Cut the learning curve to zero days, and hit the ground running!

You do not have to be alone out there. You will know exactly what to do,
and how to implement all marketing strategies quickly and properly.

Grow your business having a detailed comprehensive marketing plan to achieve your business goals.

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